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Welcome in order to Change! CHANGE is an emotional homeless survival experience set in a randomly generated city with rogue-like elements. ► Watch additional the ladye:

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Explore, survive, earn perks, discover products and additional in order to develop your individualality and escape in order to a brand new existence.

Download Change A Homeless Survival Experience:

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An endless city in order to explore fill uped with randomly generated products, occasions and environments, unique in order to each performthrough

Develop perks simply by experimenting with various techniques of survival

Beg, busk or function your method in order to discovering a brand new home

Randomly generated “night occasions” lets you develop your individualal abstract story

Find companions, discover shelter, discover kindness

A finish weather system will certainly with regard in order toce you in order to adjust your survival strategy in rain and snow

Build your individualal inventory with food, products with regard in order to survival and additional.

Unlock brand new products with regard in order to your adhere toing performthrough as you progress

Buy products or steal through shops, spend a night time period time period in police stations, parks or shelters, spend time period at pubs, visit the clinic, study in the library, recycle scrap and additional as you discover out brand new regions and creatings

Experience a beautifully composed emotional soundtrack

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Keep it green Making certain the green pubs at the bottom of the screen stay maxed up is vital. To do the keep in order to a varied time periodtable of activities – including proceeding in order to the gym, meditating, and reading at the library.

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