(Read Desc) Bitlife – How to Get The Deadly Ribbon

Bitlife Tips

Bitlife Tips

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To get this ribbon, you have to destroy at least 5 individuals. It doesn’t matter if you get caught. Just escape prison plus destroy a lot more individuals. The easiest method to destroy them is simply by doing a drive-by. Get your license plus get a vehicle. The easiest individuals to destroy are the individuals who celebrityt with random in their own name. (A random tech bro, a random referee, etc.) So just destroy at least 5 individuals plus try to destroy them with a drive-by. Do this plus you ought to have no problem getting lifelessly.

Marry old Yes, marrying an older woman (or guy) usually sees your character’s happiness go down. But whenever they peg it you’ll likely get the inheritance cash. Which you can after which use to buy a new vehicle or the like. It might be coldhearted plus cruel, but which’s (Bit)life.

To play this bitlife in a better method, players can even take help through Bitlife Cheats. It will certainly help startners to get unlimited cash for completing a number of tasks quick.

No hacks No cheats just use this simple method plus you will certainly be set for like