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Making Insane Life Decisions & Living Life As A Serial Killer in Bitlife! Welcome back to Bitlife, in the last episode you guys requested I test a life associated along with crime so I believed it would be a problem to test and be a supportful serial killer. I was definitely not really incorrect, the cops hate me individualally! I hope you enjoyed the episode associated along with Bitlife, evaluated toks for viewing and liking.

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Off the rails You may like to play it safe correct the girle on proceedod old strategyet Earth, yet maybe that’s not really the best way to play BitLife. So rather associated along with choosing that ‘nice’ option, maybe see exactly what it’s like to be a bit associated along with a rebel – or a jerk. It’s just a game, and you’ll furthermore learn a lot a lot more regarding exactly what you can get away along with and exactly what you can’t in future play-throughs.

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