How in order to get rich on BitLife💰

Bitlife Exploit

Bitlife Exploit

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This is how in order to get rich using the BitLife lottery!!

First, you want in order to have a few cash available in order to bid on so you won’t go in in order to debt in scenario it doesn’t work.
Then, pick a bid plus it would led you in order to the online game Blackjack. It will deal you card plus then which wills exactly where you begin. Hold the I’ll stand yetton straight down plus at the exact same time period press the hit me yetton. It will deal you card until you get a 21 or BUST! number. Then, let go plus it will deal the other person card plus then they will get a bust or other number. At first it will say, You Lose 😱 yet right after it switches in order to You Win! 🤩. Keep doing which will plus you get insanely rich!! You may bid up until 10m dollars plus the highest quantity via the casino is (for me) 77m which has you set with regard to existence.


In along with this video I use the excellentest simulife exploit I could discover out.
It works simply by buying lottery tickets until you earn due in order to the fact there is such a high chance associated along with earnning.

I do not extremely promote gambling
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