Doing any kind ofthing to live a PERFECT Life in Bitlife

Bitlife Life Simulator Tips

Bitlife Life Simulator Tips

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Today we go from zero to PERFECT in Bitlife, it just requires alot of plastic cosmetic surgery plus lots of other things im not proud of…

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HEY! The Name is Bijuu Mike! I actually like to produce get intotaining videos about precisely what i locate interesting at the time plus the objective is to not only produce people smile plus laugh but even to maintain it family friendly while empowering plus encouraging others to pursue their personal desires plus passion just as i have. We play a broad variety of sports on the channel this particular kind of as Yandere Simulator, Bendy plus the ink device, hello neighbor, Doki Doki Literature club, Baldis basics in education plus actualizeing plus a lot additional! I even from time to time produce random skits plus videos. Join the Salad Squad right nowadays!

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Keep it green Making certain the green pubs at the bottom of the screen stay maxed up is vital. To do with this particular maintain to a varied timetable of get actionivities – including going to the gym, me personallyditating, plus go throughing at the library.

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